15 Genius Parents Who Have Just Won Parenting

#1. This dad getting a free back massage by letting his kids race cars on his shirt.

#2. This mom who didn’t fancy wrestling with a stroller and a grocery cart.

#3. This mom who turned all those wine corks into sensory play.

#4. This guy who’s being a pro dad with minimal effort.


#5. This genius outdoor playpen.

#6. This mom using an apron as a food catcher.

#7. This parent who changed the playpen game.

#8. This mom who used a mattress sheet as a playpen.

#9. This mom who forgot a bib, so used a plastic bag.

Woman at the airport just called me a genuis haha #parentinghacks

A photo posted by @kiggiemallo on May 22, 2016 at 8:56am PDT

#10. This mom who found her kid’s scooter doubled up as a grocery carrier.

#11. This dad who made an impromptu water park.

#12. This mom who ran out of bread, so made improvised rollups held together with raw spaghetti.

#13. This engineer dad who attached the play mat to his kid’s chair so the little ‘un could play.

#TruettJamesonFindley #playtimefun #lazyparent what happens when your Dad is an engineer

A photo posted by Alicia Findley (@aliciafindley) on Aug 5, 2013 at 12:00pm PDT

#14. This parenting hack that allows you to carry all your baby essentials — and a bottle of wine.

DAD HACK #3 – THE WINE CARRIER Since the recent changes in the law nothing is f*cking me off more than the second mortgage I’ve had to take out to cope with my unavoidable addiction to buying 5p carrier bags. I dunno if it’s been formally addressed by the government but I reckon my salary needs to be adjusted to reflect this new nationwide problem. The other thing thats sodding me off is this new baby handbag thingy I’m being forced to carry around with me everywhere I go. Not only do a look like a fanny mincing about with it but navigating it’s series of zips, velcro straps and drawstring toggles feels like an episode of crystal maze just to reach a single wet wipe. SO, I introduce to you…;the FREE wine carrier. Not only will it allow you to carry your shopping home for free but it also doubles up as the best mofo-ing baby supplies carrier you’ve ever seen! Everything’s easy to reach, a doddle to navigate, simple to use and even has space for a beer…;…;And best of all, when it’s old an knackered you can just go get another one! No need to thank me…;.#dadhacks #parenthacks #shoppinghacks

A photo posted by LadBaby (@ladbabyofficial) on May 11, 2016 at 1:11pm PDT

#15. And then this cruel-but-clever way to make your kid eat dinner.

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