Destination Tips Presents: Comment Friday 8

With more than twenty-four days to go, the Kickstarter-funded NodPod has more than doubled its initial goal of $20,000 on its way to providing the best possible sleep for travelers confined to an upright position.

While it might look weird, this neck hammock claims to have solved the traveler’s dilemma; how to get recuperative sleep while on a plane, bus, or any other means of travel. According to NodPod’s Kickstarter page, “The reason it’s hard to rest or sleep while traveling is because you can’t keep your head, neck and back perpendicular and at a 90-degree angle similar to how you sleep in bed at night.” This painful problem causes jet lag and neck and body pain.

The NodPod offers a unique alternative to that issue, with the added bonus that it isn’t designed to annoy your other passengers. The Nod Pod also has a built-in safety feature that should make accidental collisions a non-issue. Since it’s coated in a water repellant fabric, the device is even designed with droolers in mind.

While it hasn’t hit the market just yet, if you’re the kind of traveler who often finds yourself on a plane for long stretched, then the NodPod might be worth keeping an eye on.

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