Man Tells His Love Story With His Co-Worker Through Heartwarming LEGO Video

The internet is never short of heart warming real-life stories, yet this seems to be one with a difference. One couple have shared their love story in the most unique way possible – through a LEGO video!

Freelance animator Kevin Ulrich wanted to share his cute love story with the internet and chose a pretty unique way to do it. Him and his fiancé met as co-workers, and defied all the odds and proved a relationship with a fellow colleague can actually work!

Kevin wanted to create something special for his wife-to-be Celina in the lead up to their wedding this month, by highlighting how they met and how their relationship grew.

It took the creative worker a week to put together the animated 73 second video of his and Celina’s love story using LEGO characters personalised to them.

The toy figures meet in the office, and soon are going on romantic dates which eventually lead to a magical proposal as their bond for all things geeky cemented their relationship.

Kevin says that the most difficult part of putting the video together was not the animation itself but instead choosing which memories were the most special to include in the video.

The video was posted by Kevin’s Brotherhood Workshop YouTube channel this week. If you’re feeling a bit romantic then you’ll love their imaginative love story below…;

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