These Are The Shortest Marriages In Celebrity History

No matter how much we all want to be swept off our feet and have a successful love life, sometimes things just don’t work out when it comes to marriages.

These celebrity couples all took the decision to get hitched, yet their life of being happily married didn’t last very long at all.

When we think of getting wed, we think of long and successful marriages to follow afterwards.

Yet sometimes some people just aren’t meant for each other!

With some of these marriages even ending in just a matter of hours, it’s crazy to look back at these husband and wives who called it quits on their marriage so soon after their wedding days.

Check out the shortest marriages to ever occur in celebrity land below…;

1. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green — 9 Months


There aren’t a whole lot of details about the couple’s divorce, except that they had “irreconcilable differences.” Drew said, “Yes, it is true we have decided to part. I love Tom very much. He has always been a great friend and that won’t change.” Meanwhile, Tom said, “Drew is a wonderful woman, I love her very much. I wish our marriage could have worked out; I wish her much happiness. Hmm!

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