10 Fairy Tales Your Child Needs to Read

10 Fairy Tails Your Child Needs to ReadThose who dont believe in magic will never find it. Roald Dahl
Kids perceive the world in a very different way. I always wondered how the authors of kids books managed to preserve the childs emotions and views on things. Unfortunately, we easily forget how to be kids and, becoming parents. To help your children understand the world in a way that will be easy, it is indispensable that we read them kids stories. By the way, parents should always be attentive to what the children are reading. Books should be able to enhance and help impose the emotions or qualities you would like your child to have. Still, there are must-reads for moms and dads and must listens for every child.

1. Where the Wild Things Are  1. Where the Wild Things Are
Oh, please dont go well eat you up we love you so!

The story written by Maurice Sendak is about an everyday exchange in the life of a child. He does not behave correctly, dresses in a wolf costume, imitates monsters and threatens to eat his mom. His mother doesnt like his behavior and punishes him. Feeling offended, because all children feel offended when they are punished, he invents the world with monsters, leads them, orders them to horse around and then punishes them himself. Feeling hungry and bored, he decides to return to the real word where a delicious dinner is waiting for him and where someone loved him best of all.
This story seems useless at first, as it describes a too ordinary situation, and it doesnt have a concept of the struggle between good and evil, as usually fairy tales do. What is more, the story is very small, its only 338 words, so there is actually nothing to read about. But this is only the beginning.
Once Maurice Sendak told in the interview that he refused to lie to children. He shows them what they are sometimes animals, sometimes violent, but they can always count on their parents. After all, children do not wish to harm anyone. They just do not know yet what is right. The childs world is a terrible mess!
All things considered, this wonderful book with only 338 words in it, but with amazing illustrations teaches our kids that parents, even if they criticize, love their children; even the most terrible wild creatures may be good friends. Even if youre mad at mom (dad), in the end, you still want to go home. In the woods, there is a new world of unknown and interesting things around.

2. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz2. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
A baby has brains, but it doesnt know much. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get.
This story is about a little girl named Dorothy, who, because of the storm, flew away from gray and dusty Kansas to a bright and blooming land of Oz. But no matter how great it is to be a guest, there is no place like home. The magical land is surrounded on all sides by Wicked desert, and to go back to her uncle and aunt is not easy. The only one who can help is the mysterious Wizard of Oz. The way to his kingdom is long and dangerous, and if it werent for an evolving friendship with the Scarecrow, Tin-man, and the Lion, Dorothy would never meet the Wizard.
In fairy tales, there is always something more behind adventures. The book teaches to believe in ourselves, as we do not even suspect what we are capable of some things! Bold people dont necessarily scream on every corner that they are courageous, and the most intelligent ones can be modest, and, of course, a kind and loving heart never stops beating any matter how cruel it is treated.

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