10 TV Shows That Replaced Actors And Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

If you’re an avid television addict then you’ll know it’s not just the show that you get attached to, it’s the actors!

If a particular character resonates with you then that actor will always be associated with that character, no matter what other projects they’re involved in.

So, it completely breaks out hearts when we see actors getting replaced when a new season starts and it definitely takes us a while to adjust.

What makes it worse is that Producers expect us to not even notice…;Trust us, if we’ve been emotionally invested in a show for 6 seasons, ditched classes to binge watch our favourite episodes and follow our favourite characters religiously on social media – we’re definitely going to notice!

So, if you want a re-cap on exactly which TV show characters were replaced in the blink of an eye, check out the gallery below…;

1. Pretty Little Liars


James Neate originally played Toby in the pilot episode but was quickly replaced by Keegan Allen.

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