Destination Tips Presents: Comment Friday 11

For the first time there will be direct flights available between the British Virgin Islands and the United States. The first non stop flights between the two places are being made possible by a Caribbean carrier called British Virgin Islands Airways.

Starting this fall there will be three available flights each week departing from Miami. The country’s director of tourism Sharon Flax-Brutus spoke out about how the opportunity will “level the playing field” for them a bit.

“I believe the new flights will have a significant impact on our tourism arrivals…;Previously we depended on St. Thomas, St. Maarten and San Juan as gateways to travel to the British Virgin Islands. We should have our own gateways. There is a lot of demand for increased air service on the leisure side” in the British Virgin Islands, she continued, adding that the new service will create “a more economical, faster way to travel to the British Virgin Islands.”

This year the BVI is expected to have a record setting year of one million visitors, and they have been making accommodations for the growth in tourism. Sharon added:

“We are making enhancements to our historic attractions and tourist facilities. Let’s face it, every Caribbean destination is selling sun, sand and sea. We want to make sure visitors have a positive, enjoyable experience in the British Virgin Islands.”

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