Man Finds His Soul Mate After Dialling Number On Toilet Wall

When asked the question “how did you two meet” this couple always pause and look at each other for help.

Why? Well, quite simply put, when Mark Ellis, 51, saw a random number scribbled on a toilet wall with the caption ‘if you want some fun call Donna’ – he decided to text it for a joke.

He wasn’t sure what would come of it and he certainly didn’t expect to find his soul mate through it. But, funnily enough, that is exactly what happened.


It might sound like a strange start to a relationship, but after making contact with Donna Roberts, Mark quickly realised what they had was the real deal.

However, you might be wondering how this lady’s number ended up in the men’s public toilet in Garforth, West Yorkshire.

According to Donna it was placed there by her ex, who was supposedly trying to spite her. Nevertheless, little did he know that he would be setting her up with the love of her life.

‘I should thank my ex — he did me a favour,’ said Donna Roberts who blamed her former partner for scrawling the number on the toilet wall.


She admitted she was very confused when she first received a message from Mr Ellis saying: ‘Hi. What are you up to?’

But, wisely so, he didn’t tell her exactly how he stumbled across her number until a few days later, by which point the pair had well and truly hit it off.

The lovebirds couldn’t quite believe their luck and didn’t waste anytime kickstarting a happy relationship together.

The pair have now been together for over 10 years and have two children together aged eight and nine.

The mum-of-two from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, added: ‘I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.’


As it stands their children are still oblivious about how their parents met and we can only hope that when they tell them (if they tell them) in the future, they too will see the funny side to their love story.

So, next time you see a number graffitied on the back of a toilet door, maybe pluck up the courage to contact it, as you never know, your soul mate could be waiting at the other end of the phone. How sweet.

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