This Puppy Won’t Take No For An Answer When She Wants To Take Her Bro For A Walk

Don”t underestimate the power of a persistent puppy. When this little cutie decided she wanted her big brother to join her for a walk, she refused to take no for an answer.

Named Gypsy, the tyke tugs on her brother Jagger”s leash with some seriously stubborn determination. Even when he tries to trick her into stopping, she snaps right back into action until the amused humans finally intervene on Jagger”s behalf.

“Nooo, you”re going the wrong way!”

“Come! On! Let”s! Go!”

“Huh? Nope, not me…Gotcha!”

“Hey, don”t make me dizzy.”

“I will never surrender!!”

You can see more of her hilarious stubbornness here:

(source Timmy Kelly)

Just wait a few more months, Gypsy. I have no doubt you”ll be able to show Jagger who”s boss once you”ve gotten a bit bigger.

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