10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for KidsAs Halloween is approaching kids get more excited and their parents get more nervous, having to come up with costume and makeup ideas. First rule here is to listen to your kid and let them decide. They wont be happy if you will create a funny pumpkin image for them if they dream about the walking dead style. Second, you should think about the ideas that are possible to implement. Nothing can be more frustrating for a kid than spoiled Halloween makeup. Here are some ideas that can be a compromise between your opportunities and kids desires to make the most of Halloween night!

VampireVampireHopefully youve read some Dracula stories for your kids and they understand the whole romance and mystery around vampire images. If not, teen girls are still exited about Edward Callen from Twilight. One way or another you can suggest vampire makeup and it has a lot of variations.

MinionMinionAfter Despicable Me kids get crazy about minions. Funny and evil at the same time they are great characters for Halloween transformations. Get a lot of yellow face paint for the base and some white paint to cover zones around the eyes. Draw white teeth around mouth and use silver or dark paint to draw glasses. Voila! Your minion is ready to go.

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