15 Celebrities Who Had Breast Reduction Surgery

We live in the world where we can change our bodies the way we want (or need to). Usually, this is a good thing, because people dont have to suffer in case they dont like something about their bodies. When it comes to women, the most popular plastic surgeries in 2015 were: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (or nose job), liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelift. As you probably noticed, breast augmentation is number one on the list, and it has been that way for some time. Trends related to womens bodies change, but it seems that big breasts are the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. But there are some women who are not satisfied with their big breasts. Thats right: there are some women who actually wanted to make their boobs smaller, and naturally, we picked 15 female celebs who decided to have a breast reduction surgery!

1. Ariel Winter is a beautiful Modern Family star, and she revealed that she underwent a breast reduction surgery when she was 17 years old. However, the reasons for her decision are kind of sad: popular actress blamed Internet bullying, emotional stress and physical pain for her decision to have her size F breasts reduced. Ariel said that having large breasts was never easy for her: I remember being in my sisters wedding and being so flat and thinking, I just wish I would grow boobs! and then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing and it didnt seem like they were going to stop, she said. I was 15 years old with size F breasts. Its like, How do you navigate that?

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