Toby Making Conversation


Before I had a baby, I loved reading posts by mothers about the cute things their children would say. I daydreamed about the day when Id hear cute things coming from my own childs mouth. Well, now that Toby is almost three (!), hes been talking up a storm and I love it so much. For example…

* He likes to start up conversations, but doesnt always get it quite right. Hell say, Mama? Ill answer, Yeah? Um…..remember Daddy? Yeah, totally! That guy from this morning? He was awesome.

* The other day, I walked into the living room and asked what he was doing. He answered, Just chillin. Another day, he answered, Doing my thing. Oh. Okay.

* When I sing songs and put him to bed, Ill say, Good night, sweetie, right before I walk about the door. And recently, hell whisper, Thank you so much. The sweetness breaks my heart.

* When he had his first bad dream and woke up crying, I asked him what he was scared of, he said ominously, The restaurant. He wouldnt elaborate.

* The other night, I was putting Toby to bed, and we were lying in the dark talking about the new baby. Toby told me that the baby could sleep in his room and that he would help feed it. And I said, What would you feed the new baby? Milk maybe? And he paused, thought about it seriously, and said, Pain au chocolat maybe?

Oh, Toby, youre so awesome. P.S. Mamas, this might be a dumb question, but how can you love another baby as much as your first child?! My heart is already filled to the brim.


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