Incredible Footage Of Man Filming Thief Stealing From His Car She Has No Clue

This insane footage was recorded in an unknown location in the US. It features a man filming a spanish speaking lady rifling through the items in the mans car. He is filming her for about a minute before she turns around with a handful of his belongings.

The man is then heard saying Let me be the first to say I should whip your mother******* a** going through my car

The woman starts to leave, but is followed by the man through the car park. She approaches a nearby citizen asking if she speaks Spanish to try and help her explain to the man why she had tried to commit theft. She even had the audacity to shush the man whilst he was trying to speak.

The thief told the citizen that her son had broken the window of a nearby building and that is why she broke into the mans car. The citizen then states No, this car has nothing to do with it.

It is unknown what happened after the incident, but the repeated threat of the man saying hes going to call the police is probably the direction it took.


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