Mystery Ghost Ship: Panama’s Tamaya 1 Washes Ashore in Liberia

Camping might be the best way to get up close and personal with nature, but a lot of people aren’t too keen on roughing it. From the bugs, hard sleeping surfaces, complicated tent poles, fire-starting challenges and more, some people just aren’t cut out to spend nights under the stars. But don’t give up on the woodsy fantasy just yet. Here are a few camping hacks that take the rough out of roughing it, and can make your stay in the great outdoors much more comfortable.

1. Make Lamps out of Jugs

Carrying a big lantern can be cumbersome, but you need a little mood lighting to brighten your tent before nodding off to sleep. Try filling up a jug of water (which you need anyway) and strapping a headlamp around it with the light facing the jug. You’ll have an instant homespun lantern for your tent. It won’t be a very strong beam, but it will give the tent a pleasant ambient glow.

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