What To Expect When You Are Expecting

What To Expect When You Are ExpectingIt’s not news that every woman should be prepared for pregnancy long before it actually happens. That is why so many manuals, tutorials, apps, pregnancy calendars and even movies appear everywhere on the web. Is it possible to be ready for everything? Of course not! Pregnancy always has something to surprise you with. However, because so many women have gone through the process, there are common things that should be shared in ‘women’s community’ (forewarned is forearmed, right?). So, here is the checklist of things you’ll probably face when you get pregnant.


What To Expect When You Are Expecting1. Am I Pregnant?
Early signs of pregnancy may be tricky. First sign of pregnancy every woman expects is missed period. However, in some cases women keep bleeding when they are pregnant. So you should notice the difference between your normal period and period during pregnancy (it will be shorter and lighter. Other symptom of pregnancy is swollen or sore breast. The area around nipples may get darker. They may also feel tender or heavy. It’s the result of hormone changes which come with pregnancy. What you may also feel is tiredness. Not the one you feel after the hard working day but a fatigue you feel during the whole day, even after you wake up in the morning. It feels similar to cold or flu, but if you are not having other infection symptoms – you might be pregnant. And the well-known and scared of symptom is morning sickness. Some women even imagine pregnancy as constant nausea and vomiting, but good news – it’s not obligatory symptom and it can be eliminated.


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