Who Said It? 15 Celebrity Quotes About Sex

We all love celebrity quotes. But lets be honest, do you really care about their opinion on books and politics? Do we really want to read about their thoughts on something less interesting than- sex? Thats what we thought. Celebrity may have a lot of opinions, but honestly, what we really want to know is what they think about sex. We may try to think about celebs as one of us, but the truth is, they will always be the untouchable ones. So lets hear some of the best celebrity thoughts on sex!

1. Jessica Biel is one of the Hollywoods sexiest actresses of all time. And she is Justin Timberlakes wife, so it can hardly get any sexier than that. Jessica once said: Im a very big fan of PDA. Ill do it anywhere. Thats nice to know! Jessica is apparently very free about love and her opinions on sex. That makes us very happy because now we can expect more quotes like this from her!

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