You Can Now Get Married In Front Of Disney’s Cinderella Castle

It turns out that dreams really do come true!

Disney World in Florida are now allowing couples to marry inside the Magic Kingdom, right in front of Cinderella’s castle.


If you are looking for the perfect fairytale wedding then look no further because the park’s East Plaza Garden, with its lush floral gardens and fountains, will make any bride-to-be feel like a princess.

Not to mention brides will even be able to travel in their very own horse-drawn glass carriage down Main Street, before marrying their Prince Charming.


Until now, the only location inside the Magic Kingdom that had been available for weddings was the train station and it is no secret that this is nowhere near as romantic as Cinder’s castle.

Couples are allowed up to 100 guests, so there is more than enough space for everyone to come along, however your friends and family will have to be prepared to wake up at the crack of dawn – as the only available slots for ceremonies are at 9.30am.


This might seem slightly drastic, but we think it is a small price to pay for a happily ever after.

Watch the video below and see one of these magical weddings come to life.

Take a look at this dream Disney wedding:

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