12 Classic American Small Towns You Should Visit

While California is filled with big-name hotels, swanky resorts and retro-motels, it also home to some charming inns and B&Bs that are are known for their style, warmth, natural settings and comfy amenities. Located in some of the state’s most breathtaking regions, these inns make for wonderful getaways. If you are looking for a place to hang your hat on vacation or for a long weekend escape, consider making reservations at one of these inviting inns in California.

1. St. Orres Inn

Located in Northern California on the Pacific coast, St. Orres Inn is a standout venue with an enchanting Russian design. With its onion-dome towers, St. Orres does look as though it should be perched somewhere in the Crimea, but it was in fact built with timber from a nearby mill. With its laid-back atmosphere and delectable cuisine featuring wild game, this old-world inn will definitely make for an memorable getaway. There’s even a spa on the grounds for added luxury.

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