17 Photos That Will Leave You With One VERY Important Question

Some highly questionable photos have been popping up on the internet for a while now and we think that it is about time we get to the bottom of them.

It isn’t uncommon for couples to post pictures together, but when they are ones like the one below we can’t help but wonder – who the hell took them!?

Do they have a camera man on standby ready to capture such a beautiful moment, or are these intimate snaps taken by creepy stalkers who manage to make their way into these couples’ homes.

Please, if you are responsible for taking such a picture – put us out of our misery and let us know!

Here are just a few photos that will leave you baffled…;

Who the hell is taking this picture!?


Posted Via: http://busymumsmagazine.co.vu/17-photos-that-will-leave-you-with-one-very-important-question/


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