Father & Daughter Bond Some Mothers Would Be Jealous Of

Fathers all over the world find different ways to bond with their daughters. Some are lucky that their little girls are tomboys, so they can bond over sports, others have to deal with their little ladies putting makeup on them, having tea parties and dressing up as princesses for Halloween.
Benny Harlem and his little daughter Jaxyn bonded over their beautiful natural hairdos. Their bond obviously goes further than that, but it’s their lovely hair that got everyone’s attention and what’s making them popular all over the Internet.
Benny Harlem is a model, music artist and arguably the best dad in the world. He’s made it his mission in life to teach his daughter how to be confident in your own skin and proud of your heritage. He’s making sure to give little Jaxyn as much care and attention as he possibly can in hopes that she will grow up to be a strong, confident and happy woman.

1. Look at this duo. Don’t they look badass?

2. They have such a loving relationship

3. That hair though, it defies gravity

Posted Via: http://busymumsmagazine.co.vu/father-daughter-bond-some-mothers-would-be-jealous-of/


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