Fox News Guest Whines: Democrats Didnt Attack Poor Americans Enough During Debate (VIDEO)

Bernard Goldberg is a former CBS reporter who is the bosom buddy, close friend, and lifelong pal of Foxs mouth that roared, Bill OReilly. So hes a frequent guest on OReillys Fox News show, and occasionally, to his credit, he will call out some of OReillys nonsense. But on The OReilly Factors October 14th edition, Goldberg was the source of the nonsense.

While discussing Tuesdays Democratic presidential debate, Goldberg launched into a tirade about how the candidates talked about income inequality, but they didnt talk about the causes of poverty, which he said leads to income inequality.

Not a peep from the candidates or from Anderson Cooper about how dysfunctional behavior leads to poverty which contributes to income inequality. Because liberals, whether they are liberal candidates or liberal journalists, dont like to talk about dysfunctional behavior.

Goldberg mentions one example of what he considers dysfunctional behavior 15-year old girls having babies. So, in the crazy mixed-up world that is the conservative brain, teen pregnancy leads down the path to income inequality. Houston, we have a problem.

Take a look at the following two charts. The first is the teen pregnancy rate. The second, the gap in income between the rich and the rest of us.

via The Centers For Disease Control

via The Centers For Disease Control

via The Century Foundation

via The Century Foundation

In the midst of all this dysfunctional behavior, American workers somehow have managed to continually increase their productivity.

via Think Progress

via Think Progress

Just another example of the Fox world versus the real world. In the Fox world, Democrats should join Republicans in their war on the poor, because the poor are obviously the source of our problems. But in the real world, people are busting their asses and still cant get ahead. Sorry Bernard, Democrats didnt talk about dysfunctional behavior as it relates to income inequality, because it has nothing to do with the subject.

Here are Bernard Goldbergs comments, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Beinghumanhelp

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