North Island of New Zealand in One Minute

Over the course of seven glorious (and some not so glorious) installments, the Star Wars saga has captured the imagination of its legions of fans. Of course, the series’ fantastical narrative is grounded in real world locations that are as magical as the Force itself. Here are fifteen Star Wars filming locations you can actually visit. Spoiler Alert: We’ll be talking Episode VII locations throughout, so if you’re the one person who hasn’t actually seen the newest installment in the most popular science fiction franchise in movie history, be ware of spoilers ahead.

1. Luke’s Homestead, Tatooine – Episode IV

You may not be aware, but Luke’s homestead has actually been turned into a working hotel. The Sidi Driss Hotel, in Matmata, Tunisia retains the original flare of the ’70s film for guests to wander through. That said, the reviews aren’t great. It’s considered a mediocre hotel where you’ll be treated to a bare minimum of luxuries, just like a real working moisture farm. But you’ll get bragging rights for staying there.

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