Selfie OverLoad: 15 Celebs Addicted to Selfies

Even though they say that the era of selfies is on its way out, some celebrities really dont care because they are- addicted to selfies! In fact, so many celebrities insist on showing off their fabulous faces and lives on Instagram, that we dont think that selfies are on their way out. It seems like selfie culture is just changing the way it looks because people still take photos of themselves everywhere they go. Kim Kardashian even released a book with photos of herself, and really, can you blame her? Girl is working so hard on those selfies, she kind of deserved it! But there are other celebrities who are addicted to selfies as well, check out who they are!

1. You can easily say that Justin Bieber loves himself from every single angle! One of the most popular teen sensations of the modern age is pretty and he knows it. Also, he would like to remind you of his cuteness everyday. And in case you are having a bad day at work, hell just look at you like this, which actually means: Hey girl, dont be sad, just look into the endless beauty of my eyes and let the softness of my cheeks soothe your pain.

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