This Artist Creates A Mysterious And Beautiful Dream World With Digital Media

Christian Schloe”s artwork seems like the stuff of dreams. Mysterious human and animal figures stand against glowing skies full of stars and butterflies. Not-quite-human characters populate nebulous spaces that might be oceans or skies (or both). The images are at once familiar-seeming and refreshingly strange, like dreams and fairy tales half-remembered.



King of the Night

<i>King of the Night</i>





The Wandering Forest

<i>The Wandering Forest</i>

Rain Again

<i>Rain Again</i>

Schloe draws on classical themes and the surrealist tradition, as well as modern styles. The work has a timeless quality that makes it seem at once nostalgic and futuristic, and their dreamlike imagery and soft colors are both soothing and thought-provoking. Each one seems to come with a much deeper story, but the Austrian-based Schloe provides only as much information as the title, leaving the rest of the scenario up to the viewer.

The Favorite Flower

<i>The Favorite Flower</i>

Celestial Theater

<i>Celestial Theater</i>

Lost in a Dream

<i>Lost in a Dream</i>

Dream On

<i>Dream On</i>

Lady Midnight

<i>Lady Midnight</i>

Catch a Star

<i>Catch a Star</i>



Though they resemble oil paintings and engravings from years pastand it”s clear that those are where Schloe draws a lot of his inspirationthe work you see here is completely digital. Schloe”s execution of the paintings retains a beautifully hand-made quality, from the intricate and exact architectural forms to the misty skies.

You can see much more of Schloe”s work on his Facebook page. You should also visit his RedBubble and Society6 pages, where prints are available for purchase.

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