Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

Tips for Getting Pregnant FasterReceiving the news from your doctor that you are pregnant is a great happiness for most couples. In starting a family some ladies want to get pregnant as soon as possible and have children sooner than later. But it often seems that Nature works on its own schedule as far as women getting pregnant! For those of you ladies who want to try and speed up Mother Nature, here are some tips that can help you to get pregnant quicker and to deliver an amazing, unique and healthy baby. Your dream is about to come true!



Tips for Getting Pregnant FasterBe healthy
Sounds easy but you need to do the following:
– If you are a smoker give it up now! Smoking is a habit that can impare your chances of conceiving a child earlier than later since it lowers your margin of fertility. If you continue to smoke after you are pregnant it can lead to a low birth weight child being delivered, premature delivery or even, God forbid, to have a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. The baby’s future father shouldn’t smoke either. For him it causes a reduction in sperm count and thus can lower your chances of getting pregnant. He can also have less viable/frequent erections to undertake making a baby with you.
– look after your weight, keep on a healthy diet and do exercises. According to doctors’ research, overweight women have less chances of getting pregnant.
– cut back on your coffee, because too much caffeine can be harmful for optimal fertility. A cup of cappuccino in the morning is ok.


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