Who Wins In This Battle Of Cuteness? It’s A Dog Versus Baby Face Off!

Modern technology and social media come with their own set of problems unique to the 21st century. One of those problems is, “Should I watch videos of cute babies on YouTube today, or should I watch videos of cute dogs?” If this question haunts your dreams, today is your lucky day. Now you don”t have to choose between adorable toddlers or fluffy puppies, thanks to the video below. So who”s the real winner in the battle of dogs versus babies? The answer is simple – we all are. Watch the video and prepare to squee harder than you”ve ever squeed before.

I could watch that St. Bernard lick that tiny baby”s face all day. This is definitely the cutest thing I”ve seen today…and maybe ever. This video is dangerous, though…I suddenly feel the urge to acquire both a puppy and a child.

Posted Via: http://busymumsmagazine.co.vu/who-wins-in-this-battle-of-cuteness-its-a-dog-versus-baby-face-off/


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