You Dont Have to Kiss Grandma

Thanksgiving is only three days away, whoot whoot! What are you doing for the holiday? My dad and aunt are coming to visit, and were going to our friends house for Thanksgiving dinner.

At a typical family gathering, little kids like Toby and Anton would be scooped up and kissed and hugged and tickled. And thats playful and wonderful (and usually they love it)but what if a child doesnt want to be? Last year I read an eye-opening post encouraging parents not to force a child to hug or kiss anybody. At first I thought it was over the top, but Ive thought about it countless times since then. If your child doesnt want to kiss every relative, that should be completely fine, right? Theyre teeny, but they still have a choice. To be polite, they can always wave, shake hands or give high-fives instead. Caroline was telling me how she dreaded family gatherings as a child because of the barrage of slobbery kissesI totally get that now!

These things seem small, but little things can make a big difference. I think its so important to show children that we respect their minds and bodies and to start teaching consent.

What do you think? Id love to hear!

P.S. Six words to say to your child, and do you kiss your babies on the mouth?

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