10 Fall Fashion Trends Youll Love This Season

1. Capes1. Capes
Capes are the new jackets, this fall. Its bringing us back to a vintage, dramatic vibe, and were loving it. You can stay warm and still look strikingly unique with this bold look. Theyre mysterious and statement-making. Also, its pretty much as comfortable as wearing a blanket, but you look fancy. Cant really lose. Looks great with a beanie and leggings.

2. Fringe2. Fringe
The runway was filled with boho-chic fringe this season, hanging off skirt hem, lines and covering dresses. The textures ranged from big and chunky to delicately thin liquid gold wisps. It looks like old Hollywood mixed with a new, futuristic couture thats just gorgeous. It can be both edgy and ladylike, but is always unexpected. A great party look.

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