15 Of The Worst Dates That Waiters Have Ever Witnessed

We’ve probably all experienced a bad date in our lives.

The awkward small-talk over dinner at a fancy restaurant or eating food that you don’t even like.

Then there’s trying not to get too drunk and completely embarrass yourself.

But what about those poor waiters and waitresses who have to witness some extremely bad dates.

And they have to carry on serving as though everything is fine and dandy.

Reddit asked those who have worked in restaurants to share their worst stories of dates they have ever watched.

From being stood up to rejected proposals, these guys have seen it all!

Here are 15 hilariously awful date stories told from waiter’s perspectives.

1. Double Dating (Literally)


One waiter witnessed a regular at the bar who was looking quite down and claiming he’d been stood up. An hour later, his date finally turns up. But the waiter clicks that the same woman had been on a date with a different man over the other side of the restaurant and had now wandered over for date number two!

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