20 Practical Uses for Peppermint Oil

20 Practical Uses for Peppermint Oil Ever wonder why so many restaurants have those peppermint candies next to the register? It’s because of peppermint’s history as an effective digestive aid which dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome. It has a healing action on the stomach and liver. Additionally, peppermint is not only a digestive aid, it also helps the circulatory and respiratory systems. It possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Peppermint essential oil (where to buy) is so useful that is it comes as no surprise that even folks that are not well versed in the use of essential oils will have a bottle in their first aid kit. In my own case, peppermint oil was added to my collection in the ’80s when I started suffering debilitating migraine headaches. Thankfully, the headaches are gone, but peppermint essential oil remains a core component in my medicine cabinet.

Of the hundreds of potential uses for peppermint oil, I present 20 that are the most useful and practical in any situation.

Read 20 Practical Uses for Peppermint Oil


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