Food n Fitness Friday: Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

Another week has passed…so how am I doing? Pretty good. The stress this week has been tugging at my sweet tooth and its been really difficult to resist a bowl of ice cream. Ive been trying to focus on the end goal of all of this healthier lifestyle stuff, which is essentially looking fabulous for my wedding day.

Im still working through the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. Ill give a full report next week when I finish but as of right now Im tired of taking all of the supplements each day. I cant quite tell if Im feeling better because of that or because Ive been eating a lot healthier and working out a lot more. Im sure its both.

I dont have a recipe today but I wanted to share some love for my favorite brand of yogurt. Ive been working with Stonyfield for a while now and I just love it when I get to be one of their testers for new and delicious flavors! Last week they sent me an entire case of Greek deliciousness including their two newest flavors: Black Cherry and Cafe Latte. And I love this for two reasons: I love black cherry and I havent been drinking coffee lately so the Cafe Latte has been a great replacement!

Im pretty much obsessed with Stonyfield Greek because its organic and GMO free and is packed with protein. This makes a tasty and filling snack or breakfast. I also like to use the plain flavor of Greek yogurt as a replacement for sour cream and oils in baking. Its so versatile!

So while today is brief, I would encourage you to check out the labels on your foods. Steer clear of those GMOs! Ill have a delicious giveaway coming next week from my friends at Stonyfield.

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt

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