Google Rolls Out App to Compete With Uber

China is home to the world’s longest and highest glass bridge, and for a while it was shut down due to an overwhelming amount of visitors. But now the bridge will open back up and allow guests once again.

The bridge is located in the town of Zhangjiajie, which is in Central China’s Hunan province. The glass bottom bridge connects two mountain cliffs in what are known as the Avatar mountains, and it measures six meters wide, 430 meters long, and stands 300 meters above the ground.

The bridge certainly is not for those afraid of heights or edges since it is entirely made of a glass bottom, but officials have demonstrated how safe it actually is by intentionally sledgehammering the top layer of one section and then driving a car over it for good measure. (There are three layers of the glass at any given area.) But just to be safe, a maximum of 8,000 visitors are allowed on the bridge each day.

The bridge was originally opened on August 20, and will reopen September 28. Tickets for the reopening have already gone on sale, and yes it’s required that you book in advance to get your chance to walk over it, if you dare.

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