WATCH: Justice Dept. Heard #BlackLivesMatter Chicago PD Probed For Civil Rights Violations (VIDEO)

Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a press conference announcing that the Department of Justice will be conducting a civil rights investigation into Chicago Police Departments pattern and practice. Specifically, investigators will be looking at the departments use of deadly force and the measures they have in place to hold their officers accountable.

Chicago Tribune reports:

The new investigation will focus more broadly on Chicago officers use of deadly force, the system of oversight of police shootings, training and community engagement.

This investigation is separate from the current probe into Laquan McDonalds homicide and the actions of Officer Jason Van Dyke. Additionally, they are investigating the allegations that fellow Chicago PD Officers attempted to cover-up the crime of their brother in blue.

The Tribune points out that the Justice Department is still in negotiations with Ferguson, Missouri after they found widespread abuses within the police department and courts. Additionally, they are also in the midst of the investigation into the Baltimore PD after the death of Freddie Gray.

Perhaps we will see a day, soon, when black lives really do matter. Its time, once and for all, that these corrupt departments be held accountable for these horrific crimes.

Watch Loretta Lynch announce the Justice Departments investigation into Chicago PD here:

Featured image via video screen capture


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