10 DIY Garden Swings That Unite Beauty and Function

10 DIY Garden Swings That Unite Beauty and Function {DIY Roundup}

When the weather starts getting warm this time of year, I want to be outside all the time, relaxing in the dappled sunshine and enjoying the soft spring breeze fluttering in the leaves! I have a beautiful garden, and there are so many flowers in bloom right now. The birds are at the feeders, the butterflies are flitting from blossom to blossom, and it is just a wonderful place to be.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere to sit.

That got me thinking that I really should have some kind of a bench — or better, a swing — outside in my garden! Garden swings invoke a whimsical sense of nostalgia for simpler times. They remind us of the carefree joys of childhood. They have a sense of the romantic about them, and can do a lot to beautify a yard. They also give you a great spot to relax with a book or take a nap.

Here are 10 gorgeous garden swings which inspire me! I think you will find them just as spectacular as I do!

1. Relaxing Swing Bed

1. Relaxing Swing BedMost garden swings are based on benches, but this one is a full-out bed that you can lay down on if you want to take a nap! As you can see, this design uses a pallet, like a lot of other DIY furniture crafts these days. The bright colors of the pillows and blankets make it look very cozy! Check the source link for step-by-step instructions to make your own.

Source: themerrythought

2. Lilacs and Lace

2. Lilacs and LaceThis simple but lovely idea for decorating an outdoor swing actually comes from a book by Selina Lake called Outdoor Living. Adding a little lace and some flowers to a swing is something anyone can do — but what a gorgeous effect. It is an easy and effective idea to spruce up an otherwise basic garden swing!

Source: moderncountrystyle

3. Swinging Bench with Shade

3. Swinging Bench with ShadeThis swinging bench is from a garden show. I’m not sure what it is made out of, but it looks like a recycled industrial component of one sort or another. I love the look and feel this creates — and as a bonus, it provides shade for the bench itself. It looks like a very cozy outdoor nook!

Source: thedangergarden

4. Patio Swing/Bed

4. Patio Swing/BedThis is another garden swing featured at the same show as the one above. This one has a lot in common with the swinging palette bed I shared with you before. I really like the openness of the design as well as the bold, eye-catching colors that were chosen.

Source: thedangergarden

5. The Floating Bed

5. The Floating BedThis is a product you can actually purchase; the company will customize it to your needs. You can choose whatever setup you want and you can even pick a covering option if you want one. This looks exceptionally cozy and very spacious too! It is easily large enough for at least two people to lounge around on.

Source: floatingbed Do this by repurposing an old trampoline: treehugger

6. Macramé Garden Swing

6. Macramé Garden SwingThis gorgeous swing is made entirely out of macramé, and was purchased by the owner of the source blog during a trip to India. As she mentions, it was one of their first impulse buys, but also one of the very best — well worth lugging around for the rest of the trip. It really does have a gorgeous effect and brings something very unique to the garden. It has a sense of the exotic to it!

Source: fortheloveofwonder

7. Swing Made From Leftover Pallets

7. Swing Made From Leftover PalletsWhat do you do with your leftover supplies when you finish a craft project? This creative lady had a few extra pallets and decided to build an amazing garden swing with them! I love the high contrast between the colorful cushions and the black paint on the pallets. With that lamp and table nearby, it looks like such a cozy spot to relax!

Source: hometalk

8. Swing for Two with an Awning

8. Swing for Two with an AwningThis is a great swing if you want to sit across from someone and have a conversation out in your garden. I love that it includes a built-in awning — perfect for those bright summer days when the sun is beating down. It looks like a relaxing shady oasis for two!

Source: williamcameronwoodworking

9. Arbor Swing

9. Arbor SwingAn arbor is a gorgeous way to add a touch of elegance to any lawn or garden — and it is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a beautiful way to hang a garden swing. This arbor swing looks shady and comfortable, and is just one of the beautiful designs you will find on WesternTimberFrame.com. Check the source link for even more inspiration.

Source: westerntimberfram – DIY Plans: familyhandyman

10. Porch Swing Fire Pit

10. Porch Swing Fire PitThis porch swing allows you to sit and converse with a bunch of your friends, family or neighbors around a cozy fire pit! It’s a beautiful and versatile design, and I imagine that there is a lot more you could do with it if you wanted (think how beautiful it’d be if you grew some vines over the top). And guess what? You can build this yourself with a full set of detailed instructions. Just take a look at the source link!

Source: instructables

There are so many different approaches you can take to making a garden swing which is lovely and adds some function to your outdoor space. Your first step is always to figure out what you will use your swing for. Do you want a swing for conversation? For sitting with a loved one? For sitting by yourself? For lying down and taking a nap or reading a book?

Once you figure out the purpose of your swing, you can choose a design which will make it a reality. Have you built or bought a garden swing for your own backyard? Share it with us in the comments!

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