25 Fitness Instagram Hotties

Instagram has been the hot spot for all beauties all around the world who would like to share how hard they work on their bodies with us. They are hard-working, attractive and they are not afraid to show it. Most of them are professional fitness trainers or just women who enjoy sports, but we cannot deny how pretty they are! So besides muscles, these ladies have a strong feminine side that makes them admirable. To them, Instagram is just a medium they use to promote themselves, and you really cant blame them for doing that. Social networks have proved us many times to be the best way for self promotion. So be sure to follow these ladies and maybe learn how they got into such great shape over time.

1. Abbie Burrows was playing for the LFL- Lingerie Football League. One day, one of her friends told her about a new division called Bikini and that she was perfect for IFBB and NPC. After that she trained with her friend for 8 weeks and won her first show- the NPC Colorado State. This made her decide to keep going and she competed at the NPC Nationals only three months later, when she won her class and earned a pro card. After that, she qualified for Olympia. And just like that this strong beauty entered the great competition on Instagram, where you can follow her and her activitie. Oh and of course, admire her strength and beauty!

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