27 Things Every Parent Should Say And Do To Raise A Happy Child

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to raise a child that is happy and secure. Letting your children know certain things while they’re growing up teaches them how to love, be confident and share their happiness with others. They’re just small things but when you commit to just one of these ideas per day, you’re giving your child the tools to be happy.

Say to them:

#1. “I love you.”


#2. “I love you even when I’m mad at you.”

#3. I love you even though you’ve done something wrong.”

#4. “I enjoy spending time with you.”

#5. “I’m so grateful you’re my daughter/son.”

Tell them:

#6. …; the story about how their grandparents met.


#7. …; how you met their father (or mother).

#8. …; stories of their birth.

#9. …; that difficulties in life are inevitable.

#10. …; but that they’ll get through them.

#11. …; how you chose their name.

Listen to them:

#12. …;when they talk about their feelings.


#13. …; when they talk about their friends.

#14. …; when they want to share the events of the day.

#15. …; when they give their reasons on why they did something wrong.

#16. …; when they ask questions and do your best to answer them.

#17. …; when they tell you about things that are important to them but not to you (like their toys).

Teach them:

#18. How to do laundry.


#19. How to do something instead of assuming they can’t do it at a young age and forbidding it.

#20. To think for themselves instead of following the crowd.

#21. To be kind to people, animals, and nature.

#22. How to whistle.

Make sure you:

#23. Look them in the eyes when you’re having a chat with them.


#24. Acknowledge them with a smile when they walk in the room.

#25. Respond with tenderness when your children touch you.

#26. Take time every day to have a special moment with them. Read them a book, tuck them into bed or give them a bath.

#27. Give them a little space to make their own choices even if you know they’re making a mistake.

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