6 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

wear a leather skirt

Leather skirts are a bold versatile look for any season and when worn well, you can create a multitude of looks- from feminine to tough girl to professional. Don’t think for a second leather is only reserved for jackets, handbags, or boots. If you want to stay on trend this season, then you must know how to wear a leather skirt. This leather trend is one fall investment you want to make the most of.

Want to learn different ways to wear your leather skirt? Then take a peek at these street style bloggers!

Leather Skirt Inspiration

leather skirt 04leather skirt 04
Leather pencil skirt 01Leather pencil skirt 01
leather skirt 02leather skirt 02
leather skirt 03leather skirt 03
leather skirt 05leather skirt 05
leather skirt 06leather skirt 06

Wear a leather skirt with a cozy layered look during the day!

Pair your leather pencil skirt with a textured top and sequin jacket. Add a belt for a slim fitting look.

Pair your leather pencil skirt with a fun graphic tee for a casual look. Go one step further by giving your casual look the glam treatment with bling-ed out accessories!

We love how her leather skater skirt is paired with tall knee-high boots.

Keep it classy with a button up silk shirt, a faux fur vest, and suede pumps.

Keep it casually simple with a plain graphic tee and combat boots.

leather skirt 04 thumbnail
Leather pencil skirt 01 thumbnail
leather skirt 02 thumbnail
leather skirt 03 thumbnail
leather skirt 05 thumbnail
leather skirt 06 thumbnail

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What do you think? Will you be snatching up a leather skirt for fall?

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