8 Incredible Shipwreck Stories

So you’re thinking about getting out of town for a few days. Whether you’re alone or with friends, it’s always a good decision. If you’re headed to somewhere on the ocean, a river or a lake, why not make this vacation one to remember and consider spending a few nights on a houseboat? Some of the most beautiful cities in the world can be fresh when you wake up on the water, gently swaying with the current or tide. It’s relaxing on a whole new level. What’s more, these aqua-abodes are more affordable than you might think. Here are some of the best that AirBnb has to offer.

1. Sail Off in a Wooden Shoe

Check out Amsterdam from this houseboat that accommodates four people. One of the most beautiful cities in the world will be available right outside your door for the easy price of just $167 a night. With a full kitchen and bedroom, this is the ideal spot for a unique getaway for two. If you’re headed to Amsterdam for the more …; herbal aspect of the tourism, however, you should know this house is non smoking.

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