8 Places To Visit With Your Kids

Most parents eventually run out of ideas about where to take your kid. Whether you became a parent just recently or have been a parent for what feels like an eternity now, you probably came across this dilemma. Where do I take my kid this weekend? You could just take your child to the movies or perhaps a favorite playground, but it’s so “been there, done that”. That’s what you do most days. How about taking your kid on an adventure? A field trip of sorts. We’ve come up with a list of places you should definitely visit with your kids. Hurry up and try to visit these places before your kid grows up and enters that horrible age of being embarrassed to be seen with their parents. If you time this perfectly your kid will love it, it’ll be a memorable experience for your family and even you might have fun.

Natural History Museum
Yes, you read that correctly. I suggested you take your kid to a museum. But not any museum – a natural history museum. Don’t worry, your kid won’t get bored. The moment your child sees all the huge dinosaurs, they will be fascinated and mesmerized by them. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs, right? Plus, it’s a museum, apart from seeing amazing things, they might learn something while they’re there. For an added bonus go see the Jurassic World with your kid afterwards. I promise you, your kid will never forget this day. You can pick and choose between The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural history in Washington, American Museum of Natural History in New York and The Field Museum in Chicago. All of these have dinosaur exhibitions.

This is a no-brainer. Absolutely every kid loves Disneyland, and quite a lot of grownups love it just as much. What’s not to like? You’re in a magical place that looks like all your favourite cartoons, your favourite characters are walking around and you can talk to them and take pictures. And then there’s the rides. The rides are the best part of Disneyland. They can be enjoyed by kids and adults equally. I’ve seen the most serious looking parents revert back to their kid selves while in Disneyland.

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