Adele Offered To Be A Couple’s Surrogate Mum

Adele’s concerts always seem to have an unexpected twist and most of the time it is members of the audience who provide the surprises.

Remember the couple who got engaged in the O2, or the time Adele invited a lookalike fan onto the stage with her? Well, her latest performance’s added extra has just trumped all of the previous spectacles.

The most recent story to emerge from the singer’s tour is from her gig at The Forum. Another proposal took place but it was bigger and better than anything we have ever seen before.


The award-winning singer invited a gay couple onto the stage after spotting their fancy dress glasses, but she was in for a shock when, in front of thousands of people, the brave man – Andre Soderberg – dropped to one knee and asked his partner to marry him.

Partner Simon Carlsson appeared to be just as flummoxed by the proposal but obviously said yes and the three of them began celebrating on state.

Adele then went on to offer to be their surrogate mum. She is just give give give. Could she get any better?

According to The Sun, Adele said, ‘That’s amazing, I’m going to cry. Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I’d love to have a baby with someone Swedish.’

We can’t help but think that a surrogacy experience would make for some seriously epic singles.


The brave proposer told The Sun, ‘I had been thinking about asking him to marry me but when Adele invited us on stage, it just happened. I thought “why not now?”

‘I had a plastic ring on which we had bought earlier in the day when we were buying costumes, so I took that ring and put it on his finger. What can I say – I just love him so much!’

We love a happy ending here at Time To Break and love Adele a whole lot more after discovering this story.

Take a look at this adorable proposal take place in the gallery below.

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