Former Olympic Champion Uses Javelin To Pull Daughter’s Tooth!

Dad’s always have the coolest, dumbest ideas. Apparently, even former Olympic champions-turned father-figures come up with some pretty cool, dumb, unsafe ideas. But it’s dad, he’d never steer you wrong! My dad taught me to ride a bike by taking me on top of the biggest hill in the neighborhood and pushing me down it. Let me tell you, I learned fast.

Bryan Clay, the two-time Olympic medalist in the decathlon, where he won silver in 2004, and gold in 2008, tied a javelin onto his daughter’s baby tooth. Because what could go wrong?

Lucky for us, he filmed the experience and put it on his Twitter.

We don’t have to say “Don’t try this at home,” do we? Because we’re pretty sure your javelin skills aren’t up to par.

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