Google Rolls Out App to Compete With Uber

The furniture brand West Elm has now branched out into hotel territory, with the announcement that the company will now be opening hotel properties in Detroit, Michigan, and Savannah, Georgia by late 2018, followed by locations in Minneapolis, Charlotte, and Indianapolis.

Since the hotels will be furnished with a bunch of West Elm products the rooms will be fully shoppable. But they also plan to add in works by local artists and other regional items to “celebrate community.” Each hotel will be unique in the sense that it will “reflect the mood and identity of its host city,” according to the West Elm president Jim Brett.

Part of this move is due to the fact that West Elm has been experienced extreme sales growth, but they also know that it isn’t possible for it to continue that way forever, and they don’t want to continue opening up more and more store locations. Instead they’re taking things in a slightly different direction.

The hotels will each have somewhere between 100 to 250 rooms, with prices ranging from around $175 to above $450. Although everything in the rooms will be for sale there won’t be any price tags on anything so that guests don’t feel like they’re in a showroom. They can just head to the website or download a more specific shopping app when they check in.

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