Green Celebs: 15 Celebs Who Care About The Environment

Celebrities are often involved in charities and similar organizations, but it is also really nice to see a celeb who truly cares about the environment. These famous people realize that we all share the same planet and if we want to see our kids grow up here too, we need to make some changes. You will be surprised to see how many celebrities are active when it comes to environment protection and not just on Earth Day. We believe that these celebs will be a great inspiration for everyone who is already into green living, but also, for those who should be more involved in preserving the only planet we have.

1. You may not know this, but Cate Blanchett is very active when it comes to solar power projects. Lord of the Rings actress is very much involved in building eco-friendly systems, such as input rainwater collection systems. Cate also equipped the Sydney Theater Company building with solar panels because she knows how effective they are; famous actress had her home fully equipped by solar energy. Cate also donated in the past to Forest Guardians.

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