Newlyweds Star Wars Obsession Sees Them Have An Unusual First Dance

Getting married is one of the most key points in most of our lives.

It’s the day you talk about for years and years before it actually happens.

So when it finally arrives and you’ve found the one you want to be with, you want it to be perfect.

Among many decisions to get the wedding day right, the first dance is a big one.

Well for these Star Wars obsessed newlyweds, their was only one way their first dance was going to turn out.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out very soon and all the hardcore fans are getting seriously excited.

For this newlywed bride and groom, who share a love for all things Star Wars, their wedding dance was somewhat special.

Instead of opting for your usual slow dance to a Celine Dion song, they went all out with a light-saber battle!

We’ve all seen the viral Youtube clips of couples dancing their ways down the aisle.

But we think this wedding video tops them all!

The video, that was posted on Youtube by a wedding guest, shows the hilarious yet adorable Star Wars wedding dance.

The wedding goers watched in disbelief as the husband and wife battled it out on the dance floor!

That’s pure relationship goals right there.

Have a look at the epic first dance below.

It will make you want to think of an incredible first dance idea for yourself!

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