The Royal Baby


Last night, I was breastfeeding Anton and reading articles on my iPhone, when I came across this fascinating post about the dress Kate wore when the couple presented their baby to the world. Kates unabashed baby belly busts the last taboo of pregnancy, wrote the Daily Beast.


When I saw the photo of her beautiful high-waisted dress, which unapologetically highlighted her postpartum belly, I was actually surprised to find myself flooded with relief. As a new mom, I found it enormously refreshing that she wasnt trying to hide her shape. You definitely still look pregnant for the first couple weeks after having a baby, and thats normal and healthy. Obviously, this shouldnt really be a big deal, but these days so many celebrities try to show how quickly they bounce back, and, here, Kate was more honest. The dress was definitely a thoughtful choice she made (versus wearing baggy clothes or holding the baby in front of her), since shes so careful about what she wears, and she knows how much scrutiny shes under, and I love her for that. What do you think?


P.S. On a lighter note, George Costanzas response to the babys name… 🙂

(Photos by Scott Heavey and Peter Macdiarmid for Getty)

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