14 Things You Don’t Know About Filipino Cruise Workers

When you finally manage to save up some cash and get to an exotic location, it can be pretty tempting to take home a souvenir that serves as a reminder of your journey. That can be a great idea; taking home a craft of some kind can help stimulate the local enonomy, it can serve as a great topic for conversation, and it can be a travel keepsake for years to come. If you’re looking at something made from animal products, though, you should probably keep looking for a different trinket. Earlier this year Jon and Linda Grant, a couple from California, were actually jailed after purchasing some giraffe bone carvings they saw in South Africa. Not only can animal souvenirs cause unforeseen issues when you’re traveling, some of them support barbaric trades, and still others can flat-out kill you. Not to worry, though, we’ve got you covered. Here are some specific animal products and exotic materials to avoid purchasing when you’re traveling.

1. A Gator Head

File this one under “just plain mean.” Alligators are a testament to evolutionary prowess, a relic of a prehistoric era. They’re majestic, powerful and terrifying. Apparently, they also make good jerky. In the American South, gator heads are a popular souvenir in tourists traps. If you’re a domestic traveler, you shouldn’t run into any legal troubles, but you will be promoting the hunting of a creature who only recently got taken off the endangered species list.

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