15 Celebs Who Married Ugly Spouses

Generally speaking, beautiful celebs marry other beautiful celebs. It is the way God intended celebrity hookups to go. This way the Universe can be assured that these beautiful celebs will beget little beautiful babies and we can all rest better at night. So when gorgeous celebs marry ugly people, or at the very least, ordinary looking people, we cant rest as easily because the world is then slightly tilted off its axis each time this happens, and we come one step closer to the annihilation of our entire planet and race. When that happens, and it will, you can thank the following 15 celebrities for their contribution to this devastation.

Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

We personally cant think of anything sexier than a busty redhead with alabaster skin who can fill out a dress like just about no one else. While Christina Hendricks always knocks them dead on the red carpet, her husband, Geoffrey Arend, doesnt knock much of anything. The guy isnt ugly, but he sure isnt in the same league.

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