15 ‘Star Wars’ Locations You Can Actually Visit on Earth

There are a lot of variables and details to juggle when taking a trip. Thankfully there are about 100K travel apps out there to help make the process easier for you. But which ones are really useful? There are countless offerings to assist in planning, booking, tracking, executing and otherwise enhancing experiences at home and abroad. With a smartphone, tablet or other device in hand, you have more power and information at your fingertips than a team of travel agents and volumes of guidebooks did a decade ago. Here are the best travel apps to help you get there efficiently, comfortably, confidently and/or cheaply, and to know what to do once you arrive. Most of them are free and available on iOS, Android and other platforms.

1. Pick a Stress-Free Flight with Routehappy

Want to find the best flight value for your money? Price and schedule are not the only factors to consider. The overall flight quality and passenger experience should also be taken into account. Routehappy has developed an unbiased “Happiness Score” rating system to give you a more complete picture of each flight so you can make an informed decision. Criteria includes the type of aircraft, seat comfort, entertainment options, power and WiFi availability, baggage fees and fresh food offerings on board. It also looks at things like ease of connections and number of stops, as these kinds of logistics can often make a cheap flight not worth it. They’ve got info for every cabin on every flight in the world, and user-added feedback is encouraged so you can read what a community of real people think of the flight.

best travel apps


best travel apps

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