Bernie Sanders Blasts Spineless GOP Hypocrites Over Iran Deal On Senate Floor (VIDEO)

If theres anyone with the gumption and spunk to routinely hand the GOP the truth about its perpetually hypocritical ass, its 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The wilder his hair gets, the more serious things are about to become.

While the chickensh*t hawks and defense skanks in the GOP want your kids to fight to make democracy safer for their defense portfolios, Senator Sanders is having none of it. While issuing his support for the Iran nuclear agreement on the Senate floor, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) called out the duplicitous Republicans who were wrong about Iraq and now oppose the Iran deal:

Those who have spoken out against this agreement, including many in this chamber, and those who have made every effort to thwart the diplomatic process, are many of the same people who spoke out forcefully and irresponsibly about the need to go to war with Iraq one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the modern history of our country, said Senator Sanders on the Senate Floor. (

Watch Bernie in action below:

So basically the very same people who were fundamentally wrong about Iraq now want us to believe the same lies about Iran. One really has to wonder how you can be called the right when youre so fantastically wrong.

Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube

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  • Ricardo Rebelo

    Takes one hypocrite to know another, I guess…

    • Kathy Olbeter

      Sanders has been talking about raising the min,=. wage to $15. over the course of 5 yrs. So paying $12. hr is about right.

  • Ricardo Rebelo

    So he shouldnt set the example, is that it?

    • Heidi Denver

      Interns are not typical employees. Internships arent careers nor are interns expecting to get paid enough to support families. Its specifically for work experience in white collar jobs and the ability to beef up a resume. To compare an intern to someone trying to support a family of 3 working at Kroger is apples and oranges and completely and totally dishonest. Interns, as we all know are typically college aged people almost ready to graduate who need real world experience on a resume.

      • Ricardo Rebelo

        Ill ask again… So just because its not law yet, he shouldnt set the example, is that it?

        • Beaugrand_RTMC

          Thats all youve got?

  • David Rice

    Sen. Sanders (I-VT) called out the duplicitous Republicans who were wrong about Iraq….

    Er, they were not wrong: they lied. No one thought Iraq was a threat to anyone.

    • adam

      lying IS being wrong

  • John Opinion

    This video had nothing to do with the Iran deal as stated in the headline!

  • That video was about the the Patriot Act and data collection not the Iran deal??

    • yellowdogdemocrat

      Right I heard nothing about Iran in that speech.

  • Bernie is only right about a few things. Now we are out of Iraq and Afghanistan and Republicans want to start a new war with Iran. Try diplomacy, but no new nukes in the Middle East because, if nuclear weapons are used anywhere it will be in the Middle East

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