Husband Supports His Depressed Wife In The Best Way

This story will restore your faith in love and marriage.

A charming husband has cheered up his wife who suffers with depression.

The kind gesture has made him an online hit as the wife’s picture went viral.

His wife was struck with depression and in a really low place.

So he wrote 15 things he loves about her all over her bedroom mirror

Tim Murphy from LA surprised his wife Molly with the heartfelt note.

From calling her his best friend to loving the fact she snorts when she laughs, it’s clear he is devoted to her.

Molly was on a trip away at the time, and was really overwhelmed to come home to the moving message.

The lucky wife admitted she hadn’t been dealing with her depression well lately.

And taking a lot of her frsutration out on her husband.

Yet he didn’t let this get him down and knew exactly how to put a smile on her face.


The adorbale note sees the husband acknowledge her for her humour, her determination in her career and her endless support.


We can’t imagine her ever wanting to rub the message off the mirror!

It goes to show that even in this modern day, true love clearly hasn’t died.


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